Shot by Dennis Branko

Reynard Bargmann, better known by his stage name Mucky, is a New York born, Rotterdam raised music producer and DJ whose reputation for versatility and ingenuity precedes him. With a remarkable track record of over 400 million streams and collaborations alongside industry heavyweights such as the Black Eyed Peas, Wiley, Sean Paul, and Sevdaliza, Mucky has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in the music landscape.

In 2023, Mucky embarked on an exciting new chapter, driven by his unwavering passion for crafting electrifying club tracks that weave together elements of Grime and the multi-culturalsounds from Rotterdam. This distinctive fusion forms the very essence of his sonic signature, paving the way for an entirely new genre of music.

Mucky believes in staying connected with his fans and community. He hosts live streams twice a week, providing an intimate and immersive experience for his audience. Additionally, he releases an official EP every quarter, showcasing his ever-evolving sound and creative prowess. For his ardent followers, Mucky treats them to monthly Bandcamp releases featuring his signature remixes and edits.

With his merchandise line, Mucky brings back his former clothing line's iconic minimalistic Black dog design, creating a sense of familiarity and brand recognition among his dedicated fanbase.

Beyond his music, Mucky is committed to sharing knowledge and connecting with his community. Through live streams on Twitch, he offers insights into his creative process and engages with his audience on a personal level. Furthermore, Mucky collaborates closely with favorite brands and sponsors, demonstrating his dedication to meaningful partnerships that enhance his artistic vision.

As an esteemed authority in the industry, Mucky seeks to expand his influence and establish himself as a renowned producer and DJ from the Netherlands, with a particular focus on innovative club music from Rotterdam. He aims to create unforgettable experiences by hosting parties for every significant release, as well as organizing label nights to foster connections within his network and celebrate the talents of his friends. 

With Mucky at the helm, the world of music can expect nothing less than groundbreaking and boundary-pushing creations, solidifying his status as a trailblazer in the realm of electronic music.